Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Desire and Human Behavior

The desire creates a powerful energy within us, directed to do something we may desire, this powerful energy may overcome the ability of the mind to control the desire and forces the mind to think of ways to accomplish this uncontrolled desire.

It is in my opinion, that the needs and desires are initiated by the human’s soul to fill the basic normal needs for survival and to provide for an enjoyable life.

The types of desires

1- The first type can be called the necessary desire for survival, which requires water, food, cloth and shelter. Water and food are a must for living, while cloth and shelter are needed for protection from the weather.

2- The second type is the desire for keeping the human race, which triggers the natural desire for sexual contact with the opposite sex.

3- The third type can be called the wanted desires, it is not necessary for basic living, but it is wanted to meet the need for the modern living.

This article will be about the third type of desires, which can be a reasonable desires or it may run wild without control.

The desires can vary from one person to another, depending on how the soul is behaving, and how the mind is exercising its control over the needs of the soul.

The sources of initiating the wanted desire

Everything or action around us during our daily life are transmitted through our human senses such as eyes and ears to our minds, some of the transmitted information may create within our soul a desire to have something or to do something similar to or more than what we see or hear.

The power of desires over the inexperienced uneducated Mind

For the desire of the soul to be transformed to an actual act, it must be transmitted by the soul to the mind which will instruct the brain to perform such act via the various parts of the body such as hands, legs, tongue, etc.

It is the mind who decides if such desire should be accomplished or not, the mind should analyze each desire of the soul before making any decision on such desire. Here it comes the ability of the mind, is it capable to analyze? Does it have the knowledge and experience to understand the advantage or the disadvantage of accomplishing the desire?

The ability of the inexperienced uneducated mind is very week to confront the powerful desires of the person, the desires will always go thru without even given chance for the mind to think about it.

The mind will have no knowledge about what such action will do to the person, this lack in knowledge will cause a lot of harm because the desire can be a destructive one, but the mind can’t understand that or doesn’t have the internal power and determination to prevent the body from doing the harmful habits or behaviors.

The mind will be mostly inactive, or just follow the desires and do the required planning to accomplish it without thinking about its effect.

In this case the mind will not be the master or controller, but will be
a follower of the desire, and used only to accomplish the desire, whatever it is, bad or good

The desire can be a destructive or constructive, this may affect us, our families, other people, or the whole society. The effect may be bad or good depending on the type of the desire.

The effect of bad desires can be a self destruction of the person immediately, or in the long run. The effect may cause a poor health, broken families, financial difficulty, loss of objectives, problems with the law, and many other personal and social problems.

The role of the Soul and Mind in improving the human behaviors

The quality of the mind will affect the type of information stored in the brain, and the ability of the mind to issue a good judgment on the various issues of life.

The educated, knowledgeable mind will direct the person to the good behaviors, this mind will gather all the information around the person whatever it is, bad or good, but will uses its knowledge to know what is the bad in order to avoid it, and to know what is the good to use it.

An open-minded person knows the bad to be able to identify it and dismantle its effect, and knows the good to be able to promote it and to enjoy its effect.

Depending on the quality of our minds, we will be directed to specific way of life, this way of life can be changed by changing the quality of our minds. The quality of the mind can be changed by education, knowledge, and experience.

It is very important to educate ourselves not only in schools but through all aspects of life, learning from our past and the past of others, learning about how bad behaviors end by a miserable hard life. As wiser our minds will be as much happier and successful we all will be.

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Sunday, August 14, 2011


 One of the most important behaviors of human is falling under the control of the habit of doing something without ability to stop, this habit can grow stronger and stronger within the mind and the body to become an addiction, where a person can’t exercise his/er self-control to overcome such habit.

Definition of addiction

In general, addiction is a powerful habit which occupies the mind and body, dismantles the ability of self-control, and directs the person to do specific action or actions to satisfy such addiction.

Types of addiction

There are many types of addiction which may include severe laziness, workaholic, shopping, internet, gambling, sex, smoking, drug, alcoholic, and others.

In the case of shopping addiction, some people just go the stores to buy things they don’t even need or want, just shopping, several years back there was a TV program showing a lady who was very addicted to shopping, she just go everyday to buy things, she couldn’t stop.

In the case of internet addiction, it is now a known fact that many people are addicted to internet & video games, they spend most of their time playing, no work or study, just playing.   

Sources of addiction

The source of addiction differs from one type of addiction to another, but most of them involve lack of self-control.

Let’s analyze together one type of addiction such as cigarette smoking to give an idea about the sources which may contributed to the addiction of smoking

1-     Movies and TV stars

As young people see their favored movie and TV stars smoking and looking  attractive and sexy with the cigarette in their hands and how good they look blowing away the smoke, they fall in love with smoking, why not and their favored people are doing it, the child wants to be like the movie star

2-     Peers’ pressure

Again a young person among a group of friends or school mates, everyone is smoking, why not to smoke, let’s share it

3-     Parents and family members

Father, mother, older brother or sister are smoking, so, the young person wants to grow up, the smoking will start

In addition, lack of guidance, and inability to understand the danger of smoking, along with the lack of self-control and confidence, all contributed to the starting point of initiating the habit of smoking, which gradually became an addiction of smoking     

Effects of addiction

The addiction causes a lot of physical and mental health, financial and social problems of the human life. The severity of effect will vary from one addiction to another, but all of them will do harm to the individual and the society  


The type of addiction will determine what kind of treatment should be used, some addiction may causes a drug dependency which will need a medical interference and rehabilitation treatments, others may need building up the self-confidence and the ability of the mind to control their actions.    


1-     Parents should do their best to provide a free addiction environment for their young children
2-     Empower the self-confidence, self-control of the children and strengthen their personalities to enable them to make their own decisions based on what is good for them not on what others do.   
3-     Teach the children in an early age about the harmful effects of any bad habits
4-     Create trust and respect between the parents and the children to make it easier to initiate a discussion about various issues including addiction
5-     Schools and the media should get involved by showing how any addiction may harm the individual and the society
6-     The most effective method is by reaching the mind of people, analyze the reasons for starting such habit, dismantle the effect of those reasons, empower self-confidence and self-control, and make the person become fully convinced that there is no need to continue in such addiction. 
Whatever the type of addiction is, it will harm the individual, his/er family and the whole society as well. The simplest addiction should not be ignored, because it shows a lack of self-control which can initiate other more dangerous addiction.

It’s recommended that any individual who feels doing something beyond his/er control, to seek help before it becomes an addiction.

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Thursday, July 7, 2011


The world’s economy today is very interrelated with each other, this can be seen on an individual level by simply looking at the cars running on our streets, most of them are foreign made, even if we focus on our American made cars, we will find many of their parts are imported, and you know that a large quantities of gas which are used to run your car are imported too, the same when we read the labels on our cloth, shoes, eye glasses, even food.

The point I want to reach is no country is living alone without buying from or selling to the rest of the world, the individual country will be in a good economic condition when they export in value more products than they import, there will be more money to spend, new factories will be opened, new jobs will be created, people’s income will be increased, they will buy more, new stores to sell consumer goods will be opened and so on, a healthy cycle of a financial growth will be turning around producing a good healthy economic condition and financial wealth of the country.

On the opposite side, if the country didn’t manage its financial affairs wisely, the cycle will turn the opposite way producing a financial disaster and a poor economic condition, there will be no enough money, this will cause the imports to be reduced sharply, this will reduce other countries’ production, a reduction in employment, etc, therefore; the bad economy will spread from one country to another.

To reduce the spread of the bad economic condition, the financial and commerce dependency of the nations on each other should be reduced, each nation should have the national means to provide for the basic needs of its citizens, imports only when it is absolutely necessary and when this happen, an equivalent value of national production should be exported.

In addition, because people are the most valuable asset for any nation, therefore; each nation should redirect its resources from fighting between themselves or fighting with others to building a high standard quality citizens by improving their education, health care, creative thinking, and their ability to pinpoint the problems and to create the proper solutions, and the most important is to be proud of their country, heritage and not to imitate other countries’ behaviors or life style.

Each nation should follow the rule of the true democracy for the people and by the people

Each nation should respect the other nation right to live in peace without interference in their internal affairs.

With stopping fighting and interferences between nations and between different factions within the same nation, elimination of corruption and establishment of the rule of democracy, billions of dollars will be saved and redirected toward building the human value, creating new jobs, self-sufficient strong economy, this in turn will reduce to a large degree the dependency of one nation on another. Subsequently; the spread of economic problems between countries will be reduced or eliminated.

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Thursday, June 30, 2011


It is only four characters word, but carries a lot of power, silent passive destructive power which prevents the mind from the freedom of thinking and restricts the body from the freedom of movement to seek success and joy in life.

Fear is the most powerful obstacle which destroys the ability of many people to function properly in life.  There are many types of fear resulted from different causes and have different effects, some are resulted from accumulated causes throughout the years, others are caused by us and the behavior of the society, both of them prevent the person from reaching the full potential and success.

Accumulated Fear

This is the most danger type of fear because it is in most cases rooted deep within the unconscious mind which prevents us from knowing what is the cause.
This type can be fear to get out of the house, meeting or talking to people, shopping, driving, looking for a job, interviews, fear to express an opinion, staying alone in the house, sleeping in the dark, fearing to take a shower, fearing the height, and many others

Fear caused by us & society

Almost everyday we hear on the news about the killing in the streets of our cities, burglaries, home invasions, car accidents, fighting and many other problems, all of these events cause a lot of fear between many people, in addition some of us don’t have the inner-self strength to accept the fact that these bad events should be considered as a part of our society and should not be a reason for fear, just take the proper precaution to protect ourselves.

The effect of fear on the human life

All of us have some kind of fear which can range from a simple everyday fear up to an unusual very extreme.
The simple fear is beneficial in helping us to take the proper steps for self protection and to think carefully before taking specific action to avoid the undesirable outcome.
While a simple fear can be good for us, the extreme one can destroy the person life. Living with an extreme fear means suffering each minute in life, can’t go outside the house, can’t make shopping, can’t converse or work with people, can’t drive, can’t earn income, completely worry all the time, afraid that something will happen, this constant worry and fear will cause a high blood pressure, confused thinking, bad decisions, health problems, depression and a completely miserable unhappy life.

Overcoming the fear

In my own opinion, in order for a person to reduce or overcome the fear, the followings can be followed:

1-      Convince yourself that your life is limited, and you want to live it in joy and happiness.
2-      Energize your mind to analyze your childhood years to find the causes of the fear within your unconscious mind.
3-      Empower your mind to eliminate the causes of fear or dismantle their effect.
4-      Build up your self confidence and believing in yourself
5-      Concentrate on yourself and disregard whatever is bothering you
6-      Feel happy for your own accomplishments and build self trust in yourself
7-      Believe strongly that you should do your part in life and accept whatever result without worry or fear.
8-      Keep up energizing your mind to be in control of your life, to prevent new fear and to keep the old inactive.
9-      Keep busy by doing constructive projects and positive thinking
10-  For serious situations, professional help may be needed

The fear is and will always be part of the human life, but we should use the beneficial fear as a tool to make us careful in all what we do and dismantle the bad effect of the extreme one to enable us to accomplish our goals and feel the joy of life.

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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Love, Happiness & Joy

When most of us hear the word love they get an immediate impression that the word meant the love between a man and a woman. Although, this first impression is normal, but it ignores for a moment the fact that it is possible that it meant another kind of love.
As we all know, there are many kinds of love in addition to the love between the opposite sexes, such as love between a parent and a child, sisters and brothers, relatives, friends, neighbors, loving your own self, love for animals and birds, love for nature, love for power and wealth, and many others.
When we are in true love, whatever this love is, we feel joy which clears our visions and energizes our minds to find the route for success in life.

This article will emphasize briefly on the widely known love between a man and a women based on my own thoughts and experience in life.

Types of love between a man and a woman

The word love is often used very loosely by many people without a real understanding what does love mean. Love between a man and a women can be categorized in two main groups, first is the faked love, and the second is the true love.

A-    Faked Love

This so called love can be exercised by one person faking love to the other person, or by both persons faking each other with a main purpose of seeking specific objectives such as financial wealth, publicity, promotion, sexual needs, and others, it is a short lived so called love and in many cases ends with many problems.    

1-     Love for sexual needs 

This a very wide sort of unguided faked-for-a minute love, not based on the wisdom of the mind, but on the desire to satisfy a sexual need by using each other as an object for a temporary satisfaction without looking forward to the damages which their action may cause later such as, getting health problems, pregnancy and many other related problems.  

2-     Love for publicity

A man or a woman faking love to a famous person to use him/her as a temporary ladder to seek publicity, then when the objective is accomplished the faked love will be ended. 

3-    Love for money and wealth

   This type of love can be faked all the way by a person, even getting into marriage and having babies only because the other person is rich and have a lot of wealth. Most of this type of faked love happens between a young female and an old male who is looking for a young woman to love.

Also, there are those who gets money as they go, they act as a shadow lady, called also as a mistress for a married man, or as a shadow lover for a married woman, both the man and the woman are faking their love which is not more than a sexual act for a return.

B-  True love for a whole life commitment

The true love is the one between a husband and a wife which fill the minds and hearts with joy and understanding and satisfies the sexual, financial, respect, social, trust, freedom, security and safety needs of both without expecting anything in return except love, respect and mutual understanding.

Someone may argue that love can be between a male and a female without having to get married, yes, many people do, but their definition for love is to do whatever you want without commitment, my definition for the true love is to prove to yourself and to the other person that you really love each other and ready to be committed and responsible for each other by getting married.   

For marriage to stay for life, it must be based on the true love which satisfies the above mentioned combination of needs.

The effect of the True Love on the person’s life

The true love will free your mind from the obstacles of life which will enable you to see the whole world clearer and to know the real priorities in life. Your mind will be energized to think wisely to keep your candle of true love ignited to light your way to success and happiness.

It is your life, your soul, mind and body, the person who really value his/her self will do the best to be purified from all bad acts in life and to seek only the true value, true love, true objective and the True Joy of Life.

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Thursday, June 16, 2011

The True Joy of Life

All of us experience a good feeling when we accomplish something no matter how small it is, this feeling is the joy within us which makes us feel satisfied, relaxed and happy.
In the same time, there are some of us who can’t see or enjoy many other things in life beside the accomplishment of various projects because they get very distracted by their busy life style and don’t have the time or opportunity to set alone and think clearly about life, soul and mind and how to find joy in everything around us, they are missing a lot of joy and with it are missing a lot of free sources of good health, peace of mind and happiness.
A- The definition of joy

My own definition of joy is a feeling spreading within my body, heart, soul and mind making my body gets relaxed, my heart functions in a healthy manner, my mind becomes active, my vision about life becomes clearer and my soul gets happy and peaceful.

Some people may think that there are only one type of joy in life, but I believe that there are two types, the true natural long-term type and the false short-term.      

1-  True long-term joy

It is the joy which comes from your real action to accomplish something, and from your own open-mind and clear vision to see and find the beauty of life within the nature and to enjoy it, this type will benefit you for as long as you live and will make your life longer, happy and healthy.

     2- False short-sighted joy

It is the false feeling of joy caused by external effect such as drugs, alcohol and other substances to escape from personal problems. This false joy will be very short-term and will cause an opposite effect, the mind will make unwise decisions, the health will be bad, and worse of that, it may affect other people due to unwise actions taken while under the influence.  

B- Sources of the true joy

The person with a clear vision and a wise mind will discover the true joy in everything she/he hears, sees, touches, feels, tastes or smells. It is within us, in our families, friends, whole society, and a lot of it in nature.

    1- Internal sources within ourselves

Let’s just look at ourselves, our own body, how it looks, how it functions, our hands, fingers, nails, eyes, face, ears, just look and think how wonderful we are, how we speak, think about the heart pumping the blood through the body to distribute oxygen and nutrition, think about the kidney, the lung and all the rest of the body, each part of our body screams at us to look, touch, feel, think, analyze, understand and enjoy what you have, be happy and full of joy, even if you have some medical issues, you still with a wise mind be able to find joy. Your joy may help you to get over your medical issues or at least will make it easier for you to understand that this is a part of life.  

     2- Family

The spouse, children, father, mother, brothers, sisters, just look at them, hear their voices, touch their hands, they are like an ocean of joy waiting for you to take and fill out your heart with love and joy, forget about how much they cost you, they give you back more, they give joy which makes you able to think and to succeed in life.   

     3- Friends and society

Look at your friends, neighbors, people in the street, while shopping, or at work, find the joyful points about them, even if they look angry at you, take it in the positive way, think about their angry expression, how artistic it is, your objective is to extract the joy from everything you see or do.
     4- The nature

      Nature is full with a lot of sources for joy, sunrise, sunset, the sun, the cloud, the rain, even the storm, rivers, oceans, birds, plants, flowers, for sure the air and water, actually everything in nature is a source of joy, sometimes hard things happen, but to reduce our suffering in the time of trouble and to keep us able to think clearly we should have the power to find the joy even during the most difficult situation, this joy may directly or indirectly save us from getting in more bad condition.

C- The effect of the true joy on the person’s life
The person with an ability to find the joy in everything around her/him will benefit greatly in many ways such as physically, financially, socially.

    1- Physical effect

Joy will produce relaxation which in turn will lower the blood pressure which will reduce the danger of heart problems. It will enable the mind to think clearly and to understand the importance of keeping a healthy body by eating healthy food.    
    2- Financial effect

The clarity of the mind to think will let many people make wise decisions in finding a good ways to earn living and to have a good system in handling their financial affairs to provide for the family in the present and the future which in turn will add financial security and peace of mind..

  3- Social effect

Joy produces happiness which will be reflected on the person during the dealing with   the family members and other people, the joyful looks on the person’s face will make it easier for people to talk to her/him which will make life more enjoyable and successful.  

 As we see, you have the ability to get the key for success in life by just energizing the power of your mind to think clearly and to have the vision to find the true joy in everything around you.