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It is only four characters word, but carries a lot of power, silent passive destructive power which prevents the mind from the freedom of thinking and restricts the body from the freedom of movement to seek success and joy in life.

Fear is the most powerful obstacle which destroys the ability of many people to function properly in life.  There are many types of fear resulted from different causes and have different effects, some are resulted from accumulated causes throughout the years, others are caused by us and the behavior of the society, both of them prevent the person from reaching the full potential and success.

Accumulated Fear

This is the most danger type of fear because it is in most cases rooted deep within the unconscious mind which prevents us from knowing what is the cause.
This type can be fear to get out of the house, meeting or talking to people, shopping, driving, looking for a job, interviews, fear to express an opinion, staying alone in the house, sleeping in the dark, fearing to take a shower, fearing the height, and many others

Fear caused by us & society

Almost everyday we hear on the news about the killing in the streets of our cities, burglaries, home invasions, car accidents, fighting and many other problems, all of these events cause a lot of fear between many people, in addition some of us don’t have the inner-self strength to accept the fact that these bad events should be considered as a part of our society and should not be a reason for fear, just take the proper precaution to protect ourselves.

The effect of fear on the human life

All of us have some kind of fear which can range from a simple everyday fear up to an unusual very extreme.
The simple fear is beneficial in helping us to take the proper steps for self protection and to think carefully before taking specific action to avoid the undesirable outcome.
While a simple fear can be good for us, the extreme one can destroy the person life. Living with an extreme fear means suffering each minute in life, can’t go outside the house, can’t make shopping, can’t converse or work with people, can’t drive, can’t earn income, completely worry all the time, afraid that something will happen, this constant worry and fear will cause a high blood pressure, confused thinking, bad decisions, health problems, depression and a completely miserable unhappy life.

Overcoming the fear

In my own opinion, in order for a person to reduce or overcome the fear, the followings can be followed:

1-      Convince yourself that your life is limited, and you want to live it in joy and happiness.
2-      Energize your mind to analyze your childhood years to find the causes of the fear within your unconscious mind.
3-      Empower your mind to eliminate the causes of fear or dismantle their effect.
4-      Build up your self confidence and believing in yourself
5-      Concentrate on yourself and disregard whatever is bothering you
6-      Feel happy for your own accomplishments and build self trust in yourself
7-      Believe strongly that you should do your part in life and accept whatever result without worry or fear.
8-      Keep up energizing your mind to be in control of your life, to prevent new fear and to keep the old inactive.
9-      Keep busy by doing constructive projects and positive thinking
10-  For serious situations, professional help may be needed

The fear is and will always be part of the human life, but we should use the beneficial fear as a tool to make us careful in all what we do and dismantle the bad effect of the extreme one to enable us to accomplish our goals and feel the joy of life.

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