Thursday, June 16, 2011

The True Joy of Life

All of us experience a good feeling when we accomplish something no matter how small it is, this feeling is the joy within us which makes us feel satisfied, relaxed and happy.
In the same time, there are some of us who can’t see or enjoy many other things in life beside the accomplishment of various projects because they get very distracted by their busy life style and don’t have the time or opportunity to set alone and think clearly about life, soul and mind and how to find joy in everything around us, they are missing a lot of joy and with it are missing a lot of free sources of good health, peace of mind and happiness.
A- The definition of joy

My own definition of joy is a feeling spreading within my body, heart, soul and mind making my body gets relaxed, my heart functions in a healthy manner, my mind becomes active, my vision about life becomes clearer and my soul gets happy and peaceful.

Some people may think that there are only one type of joy in life, but I believe that there are two types, the true natural long-term type and the false short-term.      

1-  True long-term joy

It is the joy which comes from your real action to accomplish something, and from your own open-mind and clear vision to see and find the beauty of life within the nature and to enjoy it, this type will benefit you for as long as you live and will make your life longer, happy and healthy.

     2- False short-sighted joy

It is the false feeling of joy caused by external effect such as drugs, alcohol and other substances to escape from personal problems. This false joy will be very short-term and will cause an opposite effect, the mind will make unwise decisions, the health will be bad, and worse of that, it may affect other people due to unwise actions taken while under the influence.  

B- Sources of the true joy

The person with a clear vision and a wise mind will discover the true joy in everything she/he hears, sees, touches, feels, tastes or smells. It is within us, in our families, friends, whole society, and a lot of it in nature.

    1- Internal sources within ourselves

Let’s just look at ourselves, our own body, how it looks, how it functions, our hands, fingers, nails, eyes, face, ears, just look and think how wonderful we are, how we speak, think about the heart pumping the blood through the body to distribute oxygen and nutrition, think about the kidney, the lung and all the rest of the body, each part of our body screams at us to look, touch, feel, think, analyze, understand and enjoy what you have, be happy and full of joy, even if you have some medical issues, you still with a wise mind be able to find joy. Your joy may help you to get over your medical issues or at least will make it easier for you to understand that this is a part of life.  

     2- Family

The spouse, children, father, mother, brothers, sisters, just look at them, hear their voices, touch their hands, they are like an ocean of joy waiting for you to take and fill out your heart with love and joy, forget about how much they cost you, they give you back more, they give joy which makes you able to think and to succeed in life.   

     3- Friends and society

Look at your friends, neighbors, people in the street, while shopping, or at work, find the joyful points about them, even if they look angry at you, take it in the positive way, think about their angry expression, how artistic it is, your objective is to extract the joy from everything you see or do.
     4- The nature

      Nature is full with a lot of sources for joy, sunrise, sunset, the sun, the cloud, the rain, even the storm, rivers, oceans, birds, plants, flowers, for sure the air and water, actually everything in nature is a source of joy, sometimes hard things happen, but to reduce our suffering in the time of trouble and to keep us able to think clearly we should have the power to find the joy even during the most difficult situation, this joy may directly or indirectly save us from getting in more bad condition.

C- The effect of the true joy on the person’s life
The person with an ability to find the joy in everything around her/him will benefit greatly in many ways such as physically, financially, socially.

    1- Physical effect

Joy will produce relaxation which in turn will lower the blood pressure which will reduce the danger of heart problems. It will enable the mind to think clearly and to understand the importance of keeping a healthy body by eating healthy food.    
    2- Financial effect

The clarity of the mind to think will let many people make wise decisions in finding a good ways to earn living and to have a good system in handling their financial affairs to provide for the family in the present and the future which in turn will add financial security and peace of mind..

  3- Social effect

Joy produces happiness which will be reflected on the person during the dealing with   the family members and other people, the joyful looks on the person’s face will make it easier for people to talk to her/him which will make life more enjoyable and successful.  

 As we see, you have the ability to get the key for success in life by just energizing the power of your mind to think clearly and to have the vision to find the true joy in everything around you.  

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  1. Wonderful article. One must realize that joy does not just come to you. You have to find it in all around you. Thanks for giving me this today. It is just what I needed.