Thursday, June 23, 2011

Love, Happiness & Joy

When most of us hear the word love they get an immediate impression that the word meant the love between a man and a woman. Although, this first impression is normal, but it ignores for a moment the fact that it is possible that it meant another kind of love.
As we all know, there are many kinds of love in addition to the love between the opposite sexes, such as love between a parent and a child, sisters and brothers, relatives, friends, neighbors, loving your own self, love for animals and birds, love for nature, love for power and wealth, and many others.
When we are in true love, whatever this love is, we feel joy which clears our visions and energizes our minds to find the route for success in life.

This article will emphasize briefly on the widely known love between a man and a women based on my own thoughts and experience in life.

Types of love between a man and a woman

The word love is often used very loosely by many people without a real understanding what does love mean. Love between a man and a women can be categorized in two main groups, first is the faked love, and the second is the true love.

A-    Faked Love

This so called love can be exercised by one person faking love to the other person, or by both persons faking each other with a main purpose of seeking specific objectives such as financial wealth, publicity, promotion, sexual needs, and others, it is a short lived so called love and in many cases ends with many problems.    

1-     Love for sexual needs 

This a very wide sort of unguided faked-for-a minute love, not based on the wisdom of the mind, but on the desire to satisfy a sexual need by using each other as an object for a temporary satisfaction without looking forward to the damages which their action may cause later such as, getting health problems, pregnancy and many other related problems.  

2-     Love for publicity

A man or a woman faking love to a famous person to use him/her as a temporary ladder to seek publicity, then when the objective is accomplished the faked love will be ended. 

3-    Love for money and wealth

   This type of love can be faked all the way by a person, even getting into marriage and having babies only because the other person is rich and have a lot of wealth. Most of this type of faked love happens between a young female and an old male who is looking for a young woman to love.

Also, there are those who gets money as they go, they act as a shadow lady, called also as a mistress for a married man, or as a shadow lover for a married woman, both the man and the woman are faking their love which is not more than a sexual act for a return.

B-  True love for a whole life commitment

The true love is the one between a husband and a wife which fill the minds and hearts with joy and understanding and satisfies the sexual, financial, respect, social, trust, freedom, security and safety needs of both without expecting anything in return except love, respect and mutual understanding.

Someone may argue that love can be between a male and a female without having to get married, yes, many people do, but their definition for love is to do whatever you want without commitment, my definition for the true love is to prove to yourself and to the other person that you really love each other and ready to be committed and responsible for each other by getting married.   

For marriage to stay for life, it must be based on the true love which satisfies the above mentioned combination of needs.

The effect of the True Love on the person’s life

The true love will free your mind from the obstacles of life which will enable you to see the whole world clearer and to know the real priorities in life. Your mind will be energized to think wisely to keep your candle of true love ignited to light your way to success and happiness.

It is your life, your soul, mind and body, the person who really value his/her self will do the best to be purified from all bad acts in life and to seek only the true value, true love, true objective and the True Joy of Life.

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