Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Desire and Human Behavior

The desire creates a powerful energy within us, directed to do something we may desire, this powerful energy may overcome the ability of the mind to control the desire and forces the mind to think of ways to accomplish this uncontrolled desire.

It is in my opinion, that the needs and desires are initiated by the human’s soul to fill the basic normal needs for survival and to provide for an enjoyable life.

The types of desires

1- The first type can be called the necessary desire for survival, which requires water, food, cloth and shelter. Water and food are a must for living, while cloth and shelter are needed for protection from the weather.

2- The second type is the desire for keeping the human race, which triggers the natural desire for sexual contact with the opposite sex.

3- The third type can be called the wanted desires, it is not necessary for basic living, but it is wanted to meet the need for the modern living.

This article will be about the third type of desires, which can be a reasonable desires or it may run wild without control.

The desires can vary from one person to another, depending on how the soul is behaving, and how the mind is exercising its control over the needs of the soul.

The sources of initiating the wanted desire

Everything or action around us during our daily life are transmitted through our human senses such as eyes and ears to our minds, some of the transmitted information may create within our soul a desire to have something or to do something similar to or more than what we see or hear.

The power of desires over the inexperienced uneducated Mind

For the desire of the soul to be transformed to an actual act, it must be transmitted by the soul to the mind which will instruct the brain to perform such act via the various parts of the body such as hands, legs, tongue, etc.

It is the mind who decides if such desire should be accomplished or not, the mind should analyze each desire of the soul before making any decision on such desire. Here it comes the ability of the mind, is it capable to analyze? Does it have the knowledge and experience to understand the advantage or the disadvantage of accomplishing the desire?

The ability of the inexperienced uneducated mind is very week to confront the powerful desires of the person, the desires will always go thru without even given chance for the mind to think about it.

The mind will have no knowledge about what such action will do to the person, this lack in knowledge will cause a lot of harm because the desire can be a destructive one, but the mind can’t understand that or doesn’t have the internal power and determination to prevent the body from doing the harmful habits or behaviors.

The mind will be mostly inactive, or just follow the desires and do the required planning to accomplish it without thinking about its effect.

In this case the mind will not be the master or controller, but will be
a follower of the desire, and used only to accomplish the desire, whatever it is, bad or good

The desire can be a destructive or constructive, this may affect us, our families, other people, or the whole society. The effect may be bad or good depending on the type of the desire.

The effect of bad desires can be a self destruction of the person immediately, or in the long run. The effect may cause a poor health, broken families, financial difficulty, loss of objectives, problems with the law, and many other personal and social problems.

The role of the Soul and Mind in improving the human behaviors

The quality of the mind will affect the type of information stored in the brain, and the ability of the mind to issue a good judgment on the various issues of life.

The educated, knowledgeable mind will direct the person to the good behaviors, this mind will gather all the information around the person whatever it is, bad or good, but will uses its knowledge to know what is the bad in order to avoid it, and to know what is the good to use it.

An open-minded person knows the bad to be able to identify it and dismantle its effect, and knows the good to be able to promote it and to enjoy its effect.

Depending on the quality of our minds, we will be directed to specific way of life, this way of life can be changed by changing the quality of our minds. The quality of the mind can be changed by education, knowledge, and experience.

It is very important to educate ourselves not only in schools but through all aspects of life, learning from our past and the past of others, learning about how bad behaviors end by a miserable hard life. As wiser our minds will be as much happier and successful we all will be.

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