Thursday, July 7, 2011


The world’s economy today is very interrelated with each other, this can be seen on an individual level by simply looking at the cars running on our streets, most of them are foreign made, even if we focus on our American made cars, we will find many of their parts are imported, and you know that a large quantities of gas which are used to run your car are imported too, the same when we read the labels on our cloth, shoes, eye glasses, even food.

The point I want to reach is no country is living alone without buying from or selling to the rest of the world, the individual country will be in a good economic condition when they export in value more products than they import, there will be more money to spend, new factories will be opened, new jobs will be created, people’s income will be increased, they will buy more, new stores to sell consumer goods will be opened and so on, a healthy cycle of a financial growth will be turning around producing a good healthy economic condition and financial wealth of the country.

On the opposite side, if the country didn’t manage its financial affairs wisely, the cycle will turn the opposite way producing a financial disaster and a poor economic condition, there will be no enough money, this will cause the imports to be reduced sharply, this will reduce other countries’ production, a reduction in employment, etc, therefore; the bad economy will spread from one country to another.

To reduce the spread of the bad economic condition, the financial and commerce dependency of the nations on each other should be reduced, each nation should have the national means to provide for the basic needs of its citizens, imports only when it is absolutely necessary and when this happen, an equivalent value of national production should be exported.

In addition, because people are the most valuable asset for any nation, therefore; each nation should redirect its resources from fighting between themselves or fighting with others to building a high standard quality citizens by improving their education, health care, creative thinking, and their ability to pinpoint the problems and to create the proper solutions, and the most important is to be proud of their country, heritage and not to imitate other countries’ behaviors or life style.

Each nation should follow the rule of the true democracy for the people and by the people

Each nation should respect the other nation right to live in peace without interference in their internal affairs.

With stopping fighting and interferences between nations and between different factions within the same nation, elimination of corruption and establishment of the rule of democracy, billions of dollars will be saved and redirected toward building the human value, creating new jobs, self-sufficient strong economy, this in turn will reduce to a large degree the dependency of one nation on another. Subsequently; the spread of economic problems between countries will be reduced or eliminated.

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  1. I have tried to tell people that we live in a global economy. Those factories that moved to Mexico raise the standard of living for those employed there who in turn raise the standard of living of those who build or repair the house the factory worker buys or fixes up. And those builders and carpenters then spend their new money on new cars that come from the US. Everyone wins; they just have to be ready to change careers.
    Wealth is not a fixed pie but something that grows as people put effort into creation.

    1. Agree with you, it is like a chain of events,one progress in one area will cause new progress in other areas, Thank u for your comment