Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Ultimate True Objective in Life

Your success in life depends on your behaviors and on how you look at and understand the real dimensions and sides of life. Most people see only the surface of life without going deeper within their own inner-self to find more about the real life, and about the inner power which if understood and utilized properly, can generate a powerful energy to energize you to establish and accomplish the constructive goals which will lead you to a balanced success which in turn will satisfy your Spirit, Soul, Mind and Body and to live happier with a complete satisfaction and peace of mind.

Creation of change within yourself

To create a change within yourself, you need to initiate an important continuous goal, which is to become a REAL VALUABLE PERSON. This will be your GOAL which you need to look forward to, and work smart and hard to accomplish it, improve it and to maintain it during the rest of your life, make this goal your ultimate objective in life.

Initiation of a self-desire for change

For any change to stay longer and to become more effective, it must start from within, by creating a self made strong desire within your soul and mind that you need to change yourself to become a new valuable person and to understand the benefits which you will gain by transforming yourself to a new better way of life, then analyzing your inner-self for a better understanding of the powerful effect of the soul and mind on your life, and work very seriously and intelligently to reprogram both of your soul and mind to behave differently, so your future behaviors will come naturally from within, then follow a specific new way of life to guide you through all aspects of life to maintain and improve yourself and your life.

Definition of a real valuable person

The definition of a real valuable person means that you are a person with a high degree of wisdom, utilize the power of the mind over the desire of the soul, think before acting, ethical, knowledgeable, trustworthy, peaceful, equipped with many skills to be ready when the opportunity arises, high degree of time management skills, responsible, independent, problem solver, planner, humble, loving and caring, reach your goal with the least cost and efforts, economist, consider the facts not the appearances, believing in yourself and in your ability to reach whatever you want, know yourself and your current ability, gain more knowledge and experience, creative, thinker, reach your goals with moral and legal means, never believe that the means justify the end, and the most important is to understand and establish a good balance between the real dimensions of life.

It is your life, and it is your choice to make it whatever you want, the wise mind tells us to be smart in deciding how we can live and enjoy all aspects in life, to be valuable to ourselves and to our society, and how we should balance our needs in life, not just by concentrating only on one side such as wealth, but also love, joy, happiness, health, caring about others, and respecting all others, to love peace and to live in peace.

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  1. Great post Salah :) Thanks for sharing.. I'll have to come by from time to time and check out your posts. Feel free to check out my blog sometime: http://www.cezargarcia.com/ Best regards and hope your tax season goes smoothly!

  2. Please clarify this line for me: "utilize the power of the mind over the desire of the soul"

    Seems like the soul would be wiser than the mind, or at least that the two would be working together.

    Why this strange attempt at dominating the thing that makes us who we are? Maybe I misunderstand your meaning.

    1. Dear Kat:
      When I say "utilize the power of the mind over the desire of the soul",it means to use the wisdom of the mind to filter any desire we may have, and to let the mind reaches the right decision,to accomplish or not accomplish such desire.

      So, the steps are: The Soul initiates the desire, the mind review it, then the mind makes the decision. Then the mind instructs the brain to do or not to do. Thank u